Which Portable Husky Air Compressor Fits Your Needs Most?

Finding the best Husky air compressor for your household chores can be an overwhelming task when you aren’t familiar with all the available models and with their features.

While a quick look in a Home Depot products catalogue can be enough for identifying the main types of air compressors sold by this company, choosing the Husky device that fits your needs most takes more than simply browsing through products, checking prices and reading hard-to-understand technical specifications.

To get the best air compressor for your tasks around the house you have to understand what each model serves for. Some of these devices are bigger and more powerful than others so they’re created for complex household chores, such as house-painting for example, while others are smaller, portable and very useful for inflating tires or operating small pneumatic tools.

Briefly described below are the most popular air compressors promoted under this brand, so make sure you take the time to read and get familiar with these models before actually purchasing one.

Husky Air Compressor

Portable Husky air compressors

Portable compressors have the great advantage of being light enough to be carried around the house yet resistant enough to be used for several tasks with satisfactory results. Here are the main devices in this category:

1. Electric Husky air compressor, 2 gallon / 4 gallon / 8 gallon /22 gallon

Electric air compressors deliver high pressure for powering large equipment but they can also be used for spraying, cleaning up the driveway or powering up impact tools. These devices are usually heavier due to the incorporated engine but they’re quiet enough and competitively priced so they can make a great choice for anyone looking for a portable and resistant air compressor to ease their household chores.

2. Electric dual output compressor, 2 gallon

This model enables the user to adjust pressure output for inflation or air tools. Easy to transport and featuring a user-friendly design,  the tool is perfect for powering caulk guns or nailers and can be used daily as it has a long life span. Although not recommended for complex projects requiring very powerful machines and pieces of equipment, the device performs very well as long as it’s used for powering smaller tools.

3. Oil lubricated Husky air compressor, 3 gallon / 8 gallon

These devices are quieter and less affected by rust compared to non-lubricated ones. They produce enough pressure to power sanding, grinding or nailing tools, are very durable can be easily transported from one place to another, being ideal for people working on building sites or needing a trustful and handy tool for inflating tires, powering nail guns or blowing dust and dirt off.

4. Trim plus electric air compressor, 3 gallon

Designed to fit in tighter corners, this Husky device is lightweight, practical, compact and easy to operate with one hand only, so it’s surely a good choice for people looking for a versatile tool for tasks around the house. Besides ensuring an impressive freedom of movement, this Husky air compressor is also very durable, requiring minimum maintenance and performing perfectly whether it’s used for blowing sawdust out of the garage, inflating bike tires or running air tools.






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